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Myler Hughes
Author, Poet & Illustrator

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but I never thought for one minute I'd be able to put this talent to much use other than doodling.

Also, I love writing poetry, so writing and drawing children's books, I have found to be most enjoyable and I hope you and your child, or children get as much from them as I do.

Adventures of the Brave Seven is my first book series, consisting of seven books in total, all written in classical poetry verse and hand drawn by Me, Myler Hughes.

I remember when I was much younger than today, my first drawing I ever did was of a magpie, I'm not sure what happened to it, but i still remember the drawing.

I also had an old typewriter, which I used to write silly stories on and then pin them up on my door. Little did I know I’d be writing and drawing children’s books later in life.

I was lucky enough to be brought up on a farm in the English countryside, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

I believe that living in the countryside and being around nature from a young age gave me a natural grounding, which every child needs, especially these days.

In my books, I aim to bring the same grounding and adventure within every child that reads or listens to my stories.

I love the whole process of creating a story, characters and then drawing them, and I hope that you and your children get the same enjoyment as I have from these books.

These books were bought to life thanks to Michael Domeyko Rowland, whose unique coaching style and guidance allowed me to discover natural talents I never knew I had within me.

Poetry, story structure and much more, it’s been an incredible journey for whom I can’t thank enough.



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