The Angry Bunyip – Book 4 Angry Bunyip – Book 4

The Angry Bunyip… is the third book from the picture book series…

Adventures of the Brave Seven
Book 4 of 7 ~ Children's Picture Book Series.

The Brave Seven, are three children Dingo Ned, Millie and Mulwala along with four animals, Mereki the koala, Bluey Merloo the Red Kangaroo, Kooky the Kookaburra and last but not least Tuki the bullfrog.

The Angry Bunyip adventure takes the Brave Seven on a journey where they have to face their fears, and try and save the rainbow from the Dark Cloud and the naughty Shadow. The Shadow is hiding in Bunyip Mountain where the angry Bunyip lives.

Will the Brave Seven be able to sneak past the Angry Bunyip?
What will Bunyip do if he finds them in Bunyip Monutain?
Can they catch the naughty Shadow?
Find out in Book 4 ~ The Angry Bunyip…

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All these books have been written in a classical poetry verse style, and the illustrations are hand drawn, with lots of colour and exciting hidden gems!

After you have read book 4 ~ The Angry Bunyip ~ you can write below what you like best about the book, or if you have any questions just add them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, thanks.

— Myler

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