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Australian Author Myler Hughes has released his children’s picture book series “Adventures of the Brave Seven” which, consists of seven books in total.

Each book takes you on an exciting adventure written in rhyming verse along with colourful hand-drawn illustrations, which bring the story to life.

Why do children find these books so appealing?… The illustrations are hand-drawn with lots of colour, variations and full of movement.

Also, the characters are loveable and identifiable, Kids read picture books to see other kids (or kid-friendly characters) accomplish big things, which is exactly what the kids in these books do.

The books are written in rhyming verse of which, the rhythm flows smoothly and each line draws you further into the plot.

To add further to the plot, little characters pop up now and then, such as mice, which add a little bit of fun to the adventure.

These books are easy to read and easy for a child to follow, making a great bedtime story or just to keep them entertained for an hour or so.

Each book is a story in its self and will take you and your child on an adventure that your child will remember for the rest of their life.

I hope that you and your children get the same enjoyment as I have from these books.

 “Children books are a way for parents and their children to spend precious time together and go on an adventure in which, they both can share the experience, emotions and memories that go on to form a strong bond for life… a grounding which is essential for every child to fall back on.”

Myler Hughes currently lives in Sydney, Australia with his family and is working on his next children’s picture book series… For a sneak peek at new book releases, free games, posters, freebies and more, join the email list here at: www.MylerHughes.com


 With Special Thanks To:

Michael Domeyko Rowland, whose unique coaching style and guidance allowed me to discover natural talents I never knew I had within me.

Rhyming verse, story structure and much more, it’s been an incredible journey for whom I can’t thank enough… www.successlovefreedom.com

Also, I'd like to thank Ann Nicol Hughes, who input was greatly appreciated.


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