Book 5 ~ Who Are The Memes

Book 5~Who are the Meemees

Adventures of the Brave Seven

Book 5 of 7

The children's picture book series, is set in Australia and suitable for children of the ages 3 – 8 years old.

Each book takes you on an exciting adventure written in rhyming verse along with colourful hand-drawn illustrations, bringing the story to life.


This Australian adventure tells the story of how the Brave Seven set off to rescue the Rainbow from the Shadow and Dark Cloud… the Brave Seven go on a journey where they come face to face with the Meemees, a grumpy lot who don't like children because they make to much noise… But, with the help of some friends the Brave Seven chase the Shadow across the bay and into the trees where the other Meemees live.

Can the Brave Seven catch Shadow?… Will the Meemees stop the children?… Can Dark Cloud and Shadow finally succeed?

.Who are the Meemees?

Who are the Min Min lights?

Who will rescue the rainbow this time?

Will the Dark Cloud and Shadow succeed?

Find out in Book 5 ~ Who are the Meemees…


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All these books have been written in rhyming verse, and the illustrations are hand drawn, with lots of colour and exciting hidden gems!

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