‘Adventures of the Brave Seven’… Children’s Picture Book Series Bundle.



Here you can get all seven books in digital format at a discounted price. Todays special offer for the ‘Adventures of the Brave Seven' Children's Picture Book Series… of which you can download straight away for only… $14.95!

“Adventures of the Brave Seven” Picture Book Series consists of seven books in total. Each book takes you on an exciting adventure written in rhyming verse along with colourful drawings, which bring the story to life.

Book 1 – Save the Children's Rainbow
Book 2 – Grumpy Old Croc
Book 3 – The Naughty Flying Foxes
Book 4 – The Angry Bunyip
Book 5 – Who are the Meemees
Book 6 – Snowy to the Rescue
Book 7 – Catch Dark Cloud

All these books have been written in rhyming verse and hand-drawn by Myler Hughes.

Rainbows occur frequently in mythology, politics, logos and the arts. Here, the Rainbow is celebrated as being complete when all the colours are brought together as one… We are all one!


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