Who Are The Meemees: Book 5 of 7 – Kindle Book


Book 5 of 7 – Who Are The Meemees the fifth book of the Adventures of the Brave Seven children's picture book series, written and illustrated by Myler Hughes. These books are suitable for children from the age of 3 to 8.



This Australian adventure tells the story of how the Brave Seven set off to rescue the Rainbow from the Shadow and Dark Cloud… the Brave Seven go on a journey where they come face to face with the Meemees, a grumpy lot who don't like children because they make to much noise… But, with the help of some friends the Brave Seven chase the Shadow across the bay and into the trees where the other Meemees live.

Can the Brave Seven catch Shadow?… Will the Meemees stop the children?… Can Dark Cloud and Shadow finally succeed?

Find out in Book 5 – Who Are The Meemees

“Adventures of the Brave Seven” picture book series consists of seven books in total.

Book 1 – Save the Children's Rainbow
Book 2 – Grumpy Old Croc
Book 3 – The Naughty Flying Foxes
Book 4 – The Angry Bunyip
Book 5 – Who are the Meemees
Book 6 – Snowy to the Rescue
Book 7 – Catch Dark Cloud

The “Adventures of the Brave Seven” seven picture book series are full of excitement and adventure that you and your children will love. The books are brought to life with colourful pictures and rhyming verse, which has a lullaby rhythm that children adore.

Rainbows occur frequently in mythology, politics, logos and the arts. Here, the Rainbow is celebrated as being complete when all the colours are brought together as one… We are all one!


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