Authentic Aboriginal Didgeridoo’s


Didjshop call their didgeridoo store a virtual didgeridoo store because you can view pictures of each individual didgeridoo for sale and with most of them you can even listen to their individual sound files (at least the better ones).

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Only sell authentic Australian didgeridoos crafted by Aboriginal Australians

Every didgeridoo they sell is a genuine termite-hollowed didgeridu made by an Australian Aboriginal craftsperson.

Many, probably most – Australian didgeridoos on the market were harvested and crafted by non-Aboriginal people. These operators often don't bother to seek permission from local Aboriginal Elders, overcut native woodlands in a quick grab for ‘sticks' and have the didgeridoos painted by non-Aboriginals

Didjshop operates in real time. Every didgeridoo which you can ‘Add to Basket' is available for you to buy. Once you finalise your order no-one else can buy that didj anymore and it will show as ordered.

Didjshop virtual online retail didgeridoo store has usually over 300 didgeridoos available, all of which are genuine termite hollowed didgeridoos harvested in Australia by Aboriginal people.

You can browse through them using either Didjshops Didgeridoo Price Departments or their Didgeridoo Type Departments.

Additionally you can see the following information for each one of their didgeridoos for sale:

  • length
  • weight
  • top inside diameter
  • bottom outside diameter
  • artist or wood type
  • musical key
  • overall sound quality
  • backpressure (an indication on how easy they are to play)
  • applicable type departments

Each didgeridoo in their virtual didgeridoo shop has been reliably sound graded, using a set of reference didgeridoos, into one of the following sound qualities:

  • 2nd sound quality
  • 1st sound quality
  • low concert class quality
  • medium concert class quality
  • high concert class quality



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